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VET ON WHEELS ® P.O. Box 62119, Fort Myers, FL 33906
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Welcome to Florida Vet on Wheels, LLC
We provide house call veterinary services for dogs and cats to Fort Myers, Cape Coral, 
Bonita Springs, Estero, Lehigh Acres, Pine Island, Ft.Myers Beach and Sanibel Island. 
We also serve some part of Collier County. 
Dr. Leena Plavumkal
P.O. Box 62119
Fort Myers, FL 33906

Convenience - Florida vet on wheels house call veterinary services offer many conveniences to pet owners, as compared to traditional animal hospitals. House call veterinarian coming to your home is extremely convenient for multiple pet households, senior citizen pet owners who cannot drive, elderly or large patients that cannot be easily transported.There are lower risks of your pets being exposed to diseases, which is especially important for very young and older pets. By providing veterinary care to your pet in their own environment, our house call veterinarian can also better evaluate behavior and conditions like high blood pressure which may otherwise be caused or aggravated at a traditional veterinary hospital environment.

Time saver - In addition to the benefits for your pet, our house call veterinary services make sense for many pet owners. Pet owners will save an enormous amount of time by having our house call veterinarian come to your house rather than getting your pets in the car, drive to the clinic, wait to see the veterinarian and the drive back home.

Personalized veterinary care -   Since our house call veterinarian will be with you and your pet the whole time during the visit, you and your pet will receive more personalized care and attention. We offer heartworm test, fecal exam, pharmacy, laboratory, microchipping and individually tailored vaccinations for pets. 

Flexible scheduling - House call veterinarian offers greater freedom in scheduling appointments. Veterinary visits could be arranged before you go to work, during your lunch break or after your work. This allows you not to take the entire day off from work for your pet's veterinary care.

Euthanasia and end of life care at home - This is another very important service offered by Florida vet on wheels, as many pet owners find solace and peace in the euthanasia process in the comfort of their own home. The pet will be the most comfortable in the home setting with no added stress of travel, anxiety from being in a clinic, restraining for IV catheter etc. Family members & other pets in the household can also be present during the final moments.

Why Do I Need a Veterinary House Call?